1. Social Business Process Management (SBPM)

Which phases of the BPM lifecycle (Design, Deployment, Operation, and Evaluation) can profit the most by social software?

Do we need new BPM methods and/or paradigms to cope with social software?

Is there an influence of weak ties, social production, egalitarianism and mutual service provisioning on BPM methods themselves?

How are trust and reputation established in business processes using social software?

How do weak ties, social production, egalitarianism and mutual service provisioning influence the design of business processes?

How does social software interact with WFMS or other business process support systems?

What is the impact on conceptual models for those categories of business processes which are not well-defined?

2. Social Business: Social software supporting business processes

Which new possibilities for the support of business processes are created by social software?

Are there business processes which require sociality, especially when they are not predictable (as production workflows) but collaborative or ad hoc?

How can we use Wikis, Blogs etc. to support business processes?

Which types of social software can be used in which phases of the BPM lifecycle?

What new kinds of business knowledge representation are offered by social production?

3. Human Aspects of Business Process Management

What requirements are created for individuals by participating in a multitude of business processes.

Which concepts and technologies exist to support the individual in coping with different external business processes

Which further human aspects of business process management exist ?

Human-centric business processes

Human resource management in business processes